Parents prepare their child to acquire good quality education not only to mould their personality but also to shape their future. However, children commonly find something interesting in the middle of their educational journey. It is called hobby. Having a hobby or following one’s own passion brings joy and enriches life. It brings the opportunity to learn new skills, gain specialised knowledge in one’s field of interest, enhance social life by making new connections, increases confidence and self esteem, eradicates boredom, increases knowledge and helps in fruitful utilisation of time. Having a hobby can help children dig more information and experience about the outer world academic education. It can also be the root to their career. For the ones who are naturally gifted should be directed to follow their passion whether be it just a hobby or for any professional purpose.

Hard work is necessary to achieve goals in life. Concentration on academics alone with no recreation tends to make a person dull and unsociable. In order to maintain the constitution of mind and body, both academics and proper relation is absolutely essential to avoid being over taxed. This is applicable for children who wants to achieve a proper balance between academics and his/her passion and  also for adults who pursue their professional goals along with hobbies. Often children are made to study their lessons continuously so as to get good results in examinations. This tends to make a child just a bookworm with no social abilities. Furthermore, a relaxed mind is a rejuvenated one. It retrieves all capacities to absorb knowledge after proper recreation or when one engages himself/herself in suitable hobby of interest. Recreation and passion revitalises the mind’s inborn abilities. A balanced scheme of academics with hobby is necessary to keep the mind healthy and balanced. This is very important in case of the children who are born ready to learn and interested in the world around them. These years are a time when the brain develops and much of its wiring is laid down. So, why not help a child to find his interest and provide him suitable platform and tools to enhance his skill set that contributes to lifelong learning.

Non scholastic goals or pursing your passion helps in a holistic understanding of the society and the world which can aid in facing a wide range of problems. Academics often get limited to theoretical problems and solutions. However, an all round development requires a practical and creative approach and solution to real life problems and inculcate good qualities and skills. Imagine a student who enjoyed and pursued dance as her hobby until she was accepted in a multinational firm. She initially found no time to invest in extra activities beyond the working hours. However, when she became a part of company’s fun raising initiative, she rekindled her passion to raise extra money by teaching her colleagues and subordinates to dance, which helped in formulating a new team. She did not only showcase her artistic talent and interest, but she was involved and became a part of a greater cause, demonstrated her passion, creativity and leadership.

Your extra curricular activities do not have to be one of the average or ordinary experiences nor have to come to a standstill once you are engaged in academic activities or any other work. Follow your passion, even though it might not be related to academics or the type of work you do. The leadership, initiative, confidence, creativity and innovation that go into nurturing passion will add your personality.  Know your passion, make it work for you; know how an extra curricular activity will help complement your personality together with your academic and professional goals and get an edge over your competitors.