Art is a testimony of human beings and a way of pioneering new ways of thinking/viewing the world, unique to its creator. Architecture, music,  dance, painting, craft, theatre, culinary arts, all quintessentially reveal the culture of people. Art is not about following the guidelines or what society preaches, but it’s all about one’s heart, soul and mind. It encompasses all joys, sorrows, happiness, struggles, sadness, love, beauty, hatred, every aspect of humanity in a nutshell, that can be expressed artistically. Art in many forms, is practised by almost all the human cultures and can be regarded as one of the defining characteristics of the human species.

Spontaneous, innovative, creative and imaginative, an artist is remarkably creative and eccentric. They view life as just one big canvas or a performing stage for their creative offsprings. Artisan often possess an inventive, make-the-most-of-what’s available style of creativity that allows them to create/produce remarkable things out of a limited amount of resources. They have an innate curiosity for how things are put up together from the tallest skyscraper to the sub-atomic particle. They seek originality in their creations. They get no satisfaction with improving on something, they seek to create something entirely new. Their creations can range from handicrafts to a piece of poetry, from wall mountings and paintings to stage performances, from Theatre to music production, from polishing culinary skills to maintaining fitness levels, from personal grooming to engineering of a product.


Nature’s form of art as seen during different seasons is incredible. When people live in harmony with nature they create more auspiciousness, spread more joy and happiness within and around themselves. Spring denotes new beginnings. It is considered to be one of the most pleasant season of India. Weeding gardens, planting trees, flowers blossom, rivers murmur, this signifies signs of growth and life spreading happiness all around. During summers, people are directed towards their passion which includes travel, various form of activities i.e dance, music, art & craft, painting & drawing, theatre, cooking & baking etc. Students indulge in summer camp  activities, people plan their time off by going for a vacation.  Fall brings with it a new adventure –  participating in get-togethers and reaping the harvest of all their work. Winter signifies stillness or contemplation. It is a time when people reflect on the year, reconnect to source and prepare the soil for glorious spring.  Every season brings with it an incredible opportunity to grow, learn and excel. People who are passionate about their hobby makes the most of this time and benefit out of it.  For instance, farmers are artists whose dedication and perseverance yields harvest to feed billions of people across the nation. Though, conditions of farming are alarming, seeds of discontent and crisis is widespread amongst all. Despite, they discover principles of sustainability in farming, put roughly 10% of annual harvest back into the soil, give back to the source so that billions of people can be served. 

India’s first Land Art festival was organised in December 2016. Land art is an environmental art as the materials used in this art are essentially environment friendly and usually local in nature. For this Land art, several social workers, artists, and farmers were invited to collaborate with each other and make powerful images on contemporary farming issues. Henceforth, the images created were open for public viewing. It commented strongly on farming issues as it involved soil, seeds, water and farmers, uniting the community at one place irrespective of cast, gender & power. Land artists use surroundings in their art, making their creation a part of landscape.

This event was not only used to raise awareness about the farming issues but also aroused the artistic skills in various farmers. It united several people to perform, paint, sing, sculpt, click, sow, farm, cook, stay, learn, enjoy and collaborate to make it all the more meaningful. This was a good platform for the group of artists, farmers and people from other fields who believe that art and farming can be the catalysts for social change. Irrespective of power, religion and caste masses celebrated nature, life, soil and food.


In all societies today, the visual arts are intimately intertwined with music, dance, ritual ( marking life landmarks, death, religion and politics), language ( poetry, song and story-telling). Vocalisation, ritualised movement and visual display were deployed in new ways with the evolution of human cognition. At all stages the evolution of artistic creativity, tremendous amount of change must have been done due to rare and gifted individuals. If we consider the current and past cultural functions of art, it is easy to understand how this evolution took place.

Since the beginning of civilisation, people have used art as a way to communicate and tell stories.The species that all living beings belong to is Homo Sapiens. As language developed in Homo sapiens during the great leap forward, humans taught each other about the tools they made, food they found and skills they mastered. This marked the beginning of education. Several tools to deliver such knowledge included crude drawings made by dragging human sticks in the dirt, more elaborate representation on stone canvas, drawings accompanied with spoken language or gestures. The key feature was the ability to use visual representations to induce memory recall or visual understanding. Various forms of drawing, painting, gestures, spoken skills and other visual depictions facilitated communication snd education among early humans. Early humans also used certain artistic depictions for enhancing problem solving skills and calculation. In todays scenario, engagement in art offers a wonderful starting point for parents who want to develop and exercise their children’s creative problem solving skills. As the years passed, with development of cognitive ability in humans, they displayed a remarkable spectrum of skills and a refined aesthetic sensibility. They weaved, painted, made ceramics sculpted with style, grace and imagination. They built musical instruments and introduced the first rudimentary musical notations along with customisation of architecture of their homes.

Over the years, superlative degree of creativity and innovation have been developed in humans which they display in their thoughts, behaviour and notions both within the life of individuals and across different human cultures. This manifests itself in story telling, in art, in the construction of bodily ornaments and decoration, in humour, in religion-building, in theory construction, in problem-solving, in technological innovation and in myriad other ways.


The art has been the key to positive outlook and change in society globally. By giving shape, structure, voice and massive pathway to artistic goals and vision, artistic endeavours and ideals are supported that aim to inspire change in the society. Whether as artists, writers, actors, craftsman,  engineers, composers, surgeons, carpenters, performers, designers or philosophers, skilled craftsmen, cobbler, electrician, mason, glass mason, wood mason/ brick mason, car driver, engineer, tailor, cleaner, scientist, analyst , an artist can make almost anything a canvas for their creative explorations, in their own unique and inventive way. By infusing their artwork and skills, they convert raw form into finished products in order to create  something meaningful and by giving a voice to their ideas. Using artistic approaches and methodologies provides them recognition and identity. These skilful individuals also adopt a creative approach towards fulfilling their daily chores and make the most monotonous and mundane things an interesting task. They understand the importance of hard work in order to be creative with routine and specialised activities.  Every great artist wouldn’t be able to create a masterpiece if he/she just waited for a Muse to come, without mastering the technique, and constantly working upon themselves to polish their skills.

The best craftsmanship relies on a continuing involvement. It can take many years of practice for complex skills of making to become so deeply engrained with profession of respective craftsmen. An obvious example, is that of a glass bowler, who is dependent on tried and trusted ways of using tools, organising body movements, understanding peculiar raw materials with an involvement upto certain level that makes the complete process automatic. The same mastery of technique can be applied to music making, dance, writing, painting etc. The craftsman is one of a kind, with volumes to come on ritual, craft, environment and process involved in their artwork, this is ever evolving keeping in mind the potential of different artists.


It is a real challenge to explore the creativity within and develop it as a particular hobby later in life. It’s the difficulty of making the first step, be it writing of the first sentence of an essay or a book, putting the first brush stoke on a canvas, capturing the first picture, playing the initial music notes, baking the first cake,  To find joy in creativity naturally, everyone should reclaim their artistic desires.


Only because creating and performing is delightful, fun and calming, all at the same time

Only because its spiritual, healing and transformative

Only because it is a source of Human motivation

Only because it is a voice for millions of people to support their beliefs, ideals and dreams

Only because it boosts self esteem and provides a sense of accomplishment

Only because it increases Brain connectivity and elasticity

Only because it increase Empathy making a person kind and generous

Only because it increases a sense of appreciation in humans

Only because it helps in establishing connections

Only because it helps a person to make meaning out of madness

Only because creative pursuits allows human to express their feelings

Only because it aids in all round development of a child

Only because it broadens one’s perception which helps in developing problem solving skills

Only because it emphasises on importance of self discovery for artists

Only because it opens one’s mind to newer and broader things

Only because it develops intrinsic human qualities such as creativity, expression, identity, culture and spark imagination

Only because it fills one’s life with joy and give it the sense of completeness

To motivate such artists across the city, Raj Group introduces it’s new venture known as ARTISAN. With the philosophy mentioned above, Artisan has formulated a creative approach to cultivate artists of tomorrow. A place that provides massive platform for all the artists to flourish and cultivate their skills. Every part of the city already has artists. Often though, this readily available resource is untapped and underdeveloped. Artisan provides essential platform and tools to help the artists find and collaborate with veterans in their respective area of interest. Creating an environment of mutual support is critical for building a flourishing community for artists.  Team artisan works to build a vibrant, sustainable community for artists throughout Bhopal and beyond.

Everyone is blessed with creativity and artistic skills, it can be in any industry, field, or sector. So, go out there and don’t be afraid to showcase your talent in front of the world. Allow your creativity to prosper and live up to your potential.